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Kristina's Editing Services

I offer two types of editing services. One, for businesses, and another for aspiring writers. I call the latter "coaching," because it entails much more than editing.


Editing and Copywriting for Businesses

"Kristina has been extremely professional, insightful, and speedy in responding to my requests. I highly recommend Kristina Seleshanko to anyone needing an edge with promotional articles and press releases. She's been pivotal in constructing eloquent, informative articles about a new product called 'Icebox Water.' She is vital part of our marketing plan from here on out."

Robin Osborn

Moms Against Plastic Bottles

"Thank you very much! Great articles. Wow, wow, wow!"
Ray Kuate


Use Kristina's copywriting skills to boost your business! Kristina can edit copy you already have, or help you create:

* Blog posts.

* Website content, including articles and quizzes.

* Social media posts.

* Facebook quizzes.

* eBooks for employees, clients, or customers. (Offering free eBooks are a great way to attract new customers to your website, or to get them to sign up for your website, blog, or newsletter.)

* Newsletter content.

* Press releases.

* Cover letters.

* Brochures.

* Catalog copy.

Email Kristina today for information on her affordable copyrighting rates.


Coaching for Writers

Over the years, many writers have asked if I'd look at their manuscripts. The answer is yes, I often can.*  In fact, I offer comprehensive coaching/editing services.


Here are the areas where I can help writers most:

I offer in-depth assistance in the areas of grammar, punctuation, format, and style. I also offer advice about concepts, marketing, and the best way to get published.


In short, I hope to make you the most successful writer you can be.


"Kristina has been a huge help to me. She knows the publishing industry and eagerly shares her knowledge and experiences. Always encouraging, Kristina's critiques are constructive; honest and helpful without being harsh. I definitely recommend her services."


Tanya Dennis, freelance writer


Email me today for information on my coaching rates.






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